Kayak Centre K1 Velox Assassin

From $1,990




This is a high line competitive river boat aimed at paddlers who don’t have that instinctive stability that some of the top athletes are blessed with. It offers a stabler version of the elite Velox range, with very good manoeuvrability and good straight line speed.

It has a similar rocker and profile as the Attack and Assault but with wider gunnel lines to bring more secondary stability to the boat It is a great tripping boat, and the boat of choice for Hank McGregor in big water.


Note: All weights are estimates and may vary depending on colours and add-ons or extras chosen




Boat Pricing inc GST:
River : $1,990
River Max:  $2,090
River Max +:  $2,490
River Race +:   $2,590
River Elite +: $2,890
River Elite Pro:  $3,490
Add-ons inc GST:
Foot strap: $20
GPS Mount:  $10
Carry Handles: $10
Cockpit Handles: $20
Pump: $100
Kevlar Seat: $45
Carbon Footrest Upgrade: $90
Boat Cover K1: $300