Kayak Centre K2 Renegade




A modern improvement on the trusted Foxbat.

The hull shape is in line with modern thinking and design innovation with more volume in the tail which helps to stop the porpoise effect and improves turning. It has a slimmed-down nose to improve performance without sacrificing handling and stability.

This is an ideal river racer for crews with a combined weight of up to 180kg. It is however not well suited to crews where a significantly lighter paddler is sitting in the back cockpit! Raced to multiple victories on the Umkomaas by Hank McGregor and Grant van der Walt.


Note: All weights are estimates and may vary depending on colours and add-ons or extras chosen




Pricing inc GST:
River :  $2,490
River Max: $2,690
River Max +: $3,190
River Race +: $3,390
River Elite +: $3,790
River Elite Pro:  $3,990
Add-ons inc GST:
Foot strap: $20
GPS Mount:  $10
Carry Handles (pair): $20
Cockpit Handles: $15
Pump: $100
Kevlar Seat: $45
Carbon Footrest Upgrade: $90
Boat Cover K2: $350