Hody Kayaks

HODY have been making racing kayaks since 1986. From their factory in Hungary their sports equipment is produced in line with the highest professional Hungarian (MKKSZ) and International (ICF) standards.

They officially became an ICF Partner in 2019.

Hody is a family business established in Budapest in the 1930s by the grandfather of one of the owners, Ágnes Hódy, who made his famous boats in the Vöcsök boathouse on Római part. Rudolf Jüling, Ágnes Hódy’s father worked as a boatbuilder for 50 years at Hungarian clubs. His working and his carved paddles helped many Olympic and World Champions win.

The company has been established by his son-in-law Kálmán Hódy, who has kept the core values but also used the plastic technology invented in 1970 to make the boats even more successful.

HODY SPORT combines decades-long traditions and modern boat building, which in turne has become part of the history and the future of the Hungarian and International kayak-canoe sport.

A HODY boat is a reliable companion on your way to reaching your goal; it will spur you to become persistent, to fight and to improve your performance.

Knut Holmann, the two-time Olympic Champion won the MK1 1000m in his Hody Orca at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney.

Hody innovations are unique among the Hungarian boat builder community. They created several special boat types and categories during the past decades:

The Orca racing kayak brand that became world-famous after the Sydney Olympics.
The mini MK-4 kayak for youth paddlers, which is recommended by the ICF coach manual and is popular worldwide.
The K1 Mythos, that pays tribute to the 75-year old Hungarian Canoe Federation.
The mini MC-4 canoe and mini MC-2 canoe.
The Eskimo kayak that has been designed for kids under the age of 10.
We are currently importing the Hody MK2 & MK4 into Sydney on customer orders only.  No stock is held.
These mini kayaks are specifically designed for Juniors and are an essential tool for juniors learning how to paddle in teams and for kids to get to know and love kayaking.

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