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Please Note: Production of these boats has currently been put on pause due to the soaring cost of electricity in Europe. We hope to be able to offer them in the near future.
In 2015 Vajda  introduced a recreational and fitness range with brand new Styrolight models for both K1 kayaks, sea-kayaks and skis.
This range is made from an advanced new UV Stable thermoplastic called Stryolight, with an acrylic outer sheen that is miles ahead of anything we’ve seen in this genre. The look & finish of these recreational boats is something to behold, only a close second look betrays the non-composite heritage.
Construction- Vajda’s recreational range is made by the process of  thermo-moulding. Thermo-moulding is a manufacturing process where a plastic sheet (Styrolight) is heated to a pliable forming temperature, formed to a specific shape in a mould, and trimmed to create a usable product. The styrolight sheet is heated in an oven to a high-enough temperature that permits it to be stretched into or onto a mould and cooled to a finished shape. Its simplified version is vacuum forming.
Thermomoulding Vs Rotomoulding- Read this independent review Thermomoulding ‘The New Kid on the Block’
Mission X1- a fast/ stable sea kayak with very good directional stability – without a rudder too! Features a very adjustable comfortable seat, deck lines, trailing rudder (Smart track) and several hatches with shotts: day hatch (nearly 12cm outside diametre); front hatch (nearly 23cm, round, cover: Kajak Sport)and back hatch (nearly 25x45cm, oval, cover: Kajak Sport)
Length: 5.1m  Width: 56.1cm  Cockpit Length: 86.5cm Cockpit Width: 39.5cm
Stability: 5/5
Weight: 20kg fully fitted
Price: $2,790
Mission X2- The Mission X2 is a great option for those wanting a fast, stable sea kayak which is light but does not sacrifice durability or top quality workmanship. The X2 has an angled full footplate, the PowerGlide system adapted from the superb ergonomics of their famous race craft, with the stern-mounted SmartTrack rudder system that we have come to recognise as an excellent performer at sea, as well as thigh braces, adjustable seat position, deck lines and bungy.
Length: 5.0m  Width: 56.5cm  Cockpit Length: 79.0cm Cockpit Width: 41.0cm
Stability: 5/5
Weight: 20.0kg fully fitted
Price: $2,790
K1 Raptor- Based on the surf ski Vajda HAWX 52 this is a K1 that is robust, stiff, light, fast and UV-stable
Length: 5.36m  Width: 52.1cm  Cockpit Length: 94.3.0cm Cockpit Width: 41.5cm
Stability: 4/5
Weight: 19.5kg
Price: 2,290
Wildfire 50- Based on the successful Vajda Voyageur hull this boat is outfitted with the same top quality fittings as the racing craft: The power glide footrest system makes leg length adjustment a breeze, and the tiller bar steering mean all of your efforts go into forward propulsion for maximum efficiency.
Length: 5.18m  Width: 54.5cm  Cockpit Length: 94.3cm Cockpit Width: 41.5cm
Stability: 4/5
Weight: 17-18kg
Price: 2,090
Wildfire 60- Also based on the successful Vajda Voyageur hull this boat is wider than the Wildfire 50 offering more stability. The wider beam and shorter length make it an ideal choice for the larger paddlers.
Length: 4.86m  Width: 62.5cm  Cockpit Length: 94.3cm Cockpit Width: 41.5cm
Stability: 5/5
Weight: 17-18kg
Price: $2,090
Raptor Ski – The World’s first thermo-moulded plastic surfski made from Styrolight. Comes with Powerglide no screw footbrace system. Comes standard with carry strap, side &  end handles  and a rear hatch with capacity for a light overnight trip.

Ski Length 5.3m Width 52cm

Weight 19.5kg including fittings

Price: $2,290

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Special Features

All Vajda Boats come standard with the POWERGLIDE footrest system.


POWERGLIDE Footrest for Mission X1, X2 & Raptor Kayak                                                                      POWERGLIDE Footrest for Wildfire 50 & 60


seat-sea-kayakseat-fitnessfittingsLine Adjusterssmarttracksurfski_rudder_new







To see the accessories included in this range visit: Vajda Group




All VAJDA GROUP products are warranted against defects in materials and manufacturing for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. This warranty covers only manufacture defects and does not cover transport and usage damages. This warranty applies to the original owner for purchases made directly from an authorized Vajda dealer and is non‐transferable.
Warranty is conditioned by the following procedures:
• Misuse
• Damage caused by transport
• Unauthorized repairs
• Removal of manufacturer stickers
Warranty Claims:
Contact your place of purchase. Always attach pictures which best describe damages.
Return transport cost to place of purchase or authorised repair depot is NOT covered by warranty.
Vajda boats are produced from a high quality composite construction. Composite materials require maintenance.
To extend the lifetime of your boat:
• Do not put any product in the direct sun for long periods.
• Do not over tighten straps whilst storing or transporting.
• Repairs should only be carried out by APS authorised repair agencies.
• Never store or transport boat inside a wet cover.
• Regularly clean with mild detergent and non-abrasive premium marine/auto grade wax
• Do not use abrasive products or harsh chemicals