Kayak Centre K2 Velox Xterminator




Velox Xterminator

This is the ultimate river racing K2 and the Choice of Champions!

The Velox Xterminator was designed for the elite paddler with the expert input of multiple world champion Hank McGregor, using the precision of computer-aided-design technology. It is surprisingly comfortable and very quick, with excellent river handling abilities.

This boat has won multiple Dusi and Non-Stop Dusi Canoe Marathons, including the 2014 Dusi when it was raced by Andy Birkett and Sbonelo Khwela.

Available in Medium & Large.


Note: All weights are estimates and may vary depending on colours and add-ons or extras chosen


Additional Fittings


Pricing inc GST:
River :  $2,490
River Max:  $2,690
River Max +: $3,190
River Race +:  $3,390
River Elite +:  $3,790
River Elite Pro:  $3,990
Flatwater: $4,690
Flatwater Race:  $5,590
Add-ons inc GST:
Foot strap: $20
GPS Mount:  $10
Carry Handles (pair): $20
Cockpit Handles: $15
Pump: $100
Kevlar Seat: $45
Carbon Footrest Upgrade: $90
Boat Cover K2: $350