Stroke2Max Ergometer

The Stroke2Max Kayak Ergometer, is a high-tech kayak simulator with an unparalleled authentic water feeling. It was designed to meet the exact requirements of élite paddlers striving for perfection.It  sets the standard for indoor Kayak machines. Built by paddlers, for paddlers, the Stroke2max Kayak Ergo is used by people of all ages and abilities worldwide.

The Stroke2max Kayak Ergometer is engineered to work smoothly, easy to maintain, and last a lifetime. This is the same machine used by world class and elite-level athletes to train for their sport. It will take the abuse of heavy training day after day. At the same time, it supports the training goals of everyone, whether you’re just starting out, or a long-time athlete.

The Stroke2Max Kayak Ergometer has an adjustable shaft to not only alter the paddling resistance but to provide any user with that realistic kayak feel. Each Stroke2Max Kayak Ergometer comes with an easy adjustable quick release footrest, and has a fully adjustable fan resistance according to the users weight and further High Resistance adjustments to accommodate a higher resistance and the greater forces that can be applied when sprinting.

The Stroke2Max Kayak Ergometer is not only a leader in kayak realistic simulation but is also the most affordable Kayak ergometer on the market.


The Stroke2max Kayak Ergometer is designed to be durable and comes with an easy adjustable footrest. It is fitted with and comfortable sprint seat to simulate your kayak environment.

The Stroke2max has a build in Bluetooth Sensor that connects to an advanced APP on any Smart Device




Andre Rabie

“I tested the Dansprint Ergometer and another ergo (without a name) at Gaia, Portugal during the ICF Marathon World Championships. I found      that the Stroke2max simulates the rowing action the best of all 3 that I tested. I believe the reason for this is due to the single rope which is being used on the Stroke2max which differs from the other two. I did 75% of my training on the Stroke2max ergo and won Gold (1st place) in the K2 Sub-Grand Master category at the ICF World Marathon Championships in Portugal 2009.”Andre Rabie





Max Hoff

Stroke2max is a very stable and robust ergometer. Every paddle stroke feels like a water stroke. It’s one of the best ergo’s that simulates paddling as naturally as possible. You have ample power/pressure at the beginning of the stroke, important for sprint training. It’s a perfect machine to warm up for weight lifting, cold winter sessions when there is ice outside to get into a better shape. I think it is also perfect to do a lot of solid training for kids at school. I think it’s an optimal ergo.”





Russell Willis

“For the past 9 years I’ve used paddling erg’s for my own training as well as coaching new & advanced paddlers. I’ve used the STROKE2MAX paddling simulator for the past 2 years and I can confidently say that this STROKE2MAX ergo is reliable and good value for your money. The “stroke simulation” on the STROKE2MAX is better than both the other two ergs I’ve used previously.”





David & Nikki Mocke

“The stroke2max is a fantastic paddling machine. It offers a comfortable seat with a very “real” paddling feel. It is quickly and easily adjusted and suitable for any height person. When its windy in Cape Town, Michele and I paddle on the ergo. It is fantastic sprint training and awesome for technique. You can film yourself or paddle while looking in the mirror. It is a fantastic alternative to either paddling on water or a gym work-out, as it supplies such a hard aerobic and muscular workout.”