Outrigger Canoes

Carbonology Sport introduced Outrigger canoes into their line up in 2017 in response to a lack of affordable Outriggers canoes on the market.

Incorporating their renowned excellent quality and construction, maneuverability, lightness and elegant high-tech fittings that we have known from Carbonology Sport, their outrigger range is sure to make everyone stand up and take notice.

Each outrigger canoe model is available in 2 constructions.

Weights are approximate and are for canoe only

ConstructionGlass VacuumWhite Carbon Full Honeycomb


Glass VacuumWhite Carbon Full Honeycomb


SWIFT X – The Swift OC1 is Carbonology’s take on a OC1 outrigger. This craft is suitable for paddlers of all weights, while not compromising performance in varying ocean conditions. It has a fine balance between speed manoeuvrability. The Swift has features that make adjustability easy: The foam seat adjusts using an anodized black track. And the rear iakos (Aku) has a 5-height spring loaded adjustment allowing for lateral inclination to suit the weight and ability of the paddler.

Canoe Length: 6.4m

Canoe Width: 40cm

Canoe Height: 38cm

Ama Length: 2.7m

Ama Width: 16cm

Weight Class: 50-120kg

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