Outrigger Canoes

Carbonology Sport introduced Outrigger canoes into their line up in 2017 in response to a lack of affordable Outriggers canoes on the market.

Incorporating their renowned excellent quality and construction, manoeuvrability, lightness and elegant high-tech fittings that we have known from Carbonology Sport, their outrigger range is sure to make everyone stand up and take notice.

Each outrigger canoe model is available in 3 constructions.

Weights are approximate and are for canoe only

Construction Glass Vacuum Hybrid Carbon
OC1 14.5kg 13.0kg 10.0kg
OC2 kg kg kg


Glass Vacuum Hybrid Carbon
OC1 $3,950 $4,950 $5,950
OC2 $4,950 $5,950 $6,950


SWIFT – New to Carbonology Sport in 2017 the OC1 Swift is suitable for paddlers of all weights without compromising performance in varying ocean conditions including rough water and to satisfy the correct balance between speed and manouverability.

Fully adjustable seat rail, black anodised aluminum iakos with 5 height settings, user friendly spring loaded adjustment system and double venturi bailers.

Canoe Length: 6.37m

Canoe Width: 39cm

Canoe Height: 30cm

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