MK4- Dolphin

MK4 Dolphin- Mini K4- For Future Champions!

As a world innovation among kayaks, HODY MK4 mini kayak is an essential tool for learning how to paddle in a team and for kids to get to know and love kayaking.

This commitment led to the idea of a completely new type of boat, the MK-4 mini kayak, which had won over the whole kayak community.
The MK-4 mini kayak is a unique boat which was developed and first produced by HODY only. The revolutionary new idea created a new category as well. Hody recognized that the standard K-4 adult kayak could not be used for training and developing the youth, hence they tailor-made a 4-person boat for children. The result is such a boat that helps the young kayak athletes to bring out the best in them.

Children warmed to the boats immediately, since paddling in a mini kayak with 4 is a great life experience. As a coach of young kids, you will find the use of this kayak priceless when you teach team paddling, different techniques and team building. The mini boats are certified by the boat certification committee of the Hungarian Canoe Federation and meet all racing standards.

It is sold in Plus, Extra and Premium design, just pick your own!



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APS is currently importing the Hody MK2 & MK4 into Sydney on customer orders only.  No stock is held.
These mini kayaks are specifically designed for Juniors and are an essential tool for juniors learning how to paddle in teams and for kids to get to know and love kayaking.

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