Carbonology Sport Skis

Carbonology Sport surfskis are manufactured in South Africa and are renowned for their manoeuvrability, lightness and elegant high-tech fittings. They produce a number of models to suit your weight and paddling ability.

Carbonology Sport are also the exclusive designers of the world’s first K1 SOT (sit on top kayak) and produce what is regarded worldwide as the fastest double ski on the market today.

Each SS1 ski model is available in 5 constructions (excluding Model Surf X), Plus there is a plastic ski for those on a budget.

Weights are approximate depending on model

Weight (approx)

ConstructionWhite Gel Coat- Glass VacuumWhite Gel Coat- HybridWhite Gel Coat-CarbonWhite Gel Coat- Carbon Honeycomb Deck
White Gel Coat- Carbon Full HoneycombClear Carbon- Coremat
Clear Carbon-  Full Honeycomb

Pricing (Excludes SS1 Splash, Cruze RTX  & Surf X. See below for pricing on these models)

White Gel Coat- Glass VacuumWhite Gel Coat-HybridWhite Gel Coat-CarbonWhite Gel Coat- Carbon Honeycomb DeckWhite Gel Coat-Carbon Full  HoneycombClear Carbon- Coremat
Clear Carbon- Full Honeycomb


SS1 SPLASH – For children and small intermediate women

The SS1 Splash is a great boat to introduce children to the sport of ski paddling but has also proven to be a hit with smaller intermediate women  who struggle with the full sized boats in the CS range.

Has all the features that the full sized skis have to offer but on a reduced scale.

Length: 4.85m Width: 49.0cm Height: 31cm

Weight Class: 25-60kg Stability: 4/5

Pricing: White Gel coat

Glass (12.5kg): $2,900

Hybrid (11.5kg): $3,500

Carbon (10.5kg) : $4,100

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SS1 CRUZE X- For Beginners with no previous experience

This is the most stable boat in the CS range. Aimed at the beginner, recreational and fun segment of the paddling market the SS1 Cruze X features exceptional stability and comfort as well as some integrated features to reduce the barrier of entry into surf ski paddling.

The Cruze X also comes in a Touring version with watertight compartments for packing for an overnight trip or just a small day kit and picnic lunch. The Touring version is an additional $500.

Length: 5.5m Width: 56.0cm Height: 33cm

Weight Class: 50-120kg Stability:  5/5

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SS1 CRUZE RT X- For Beginners with no previous experience.

Due to the popularity of the SS1 Cruze, Carbonology Sport included this rotomoulded plastic version  to their range in late 2022 for those on a budget or wanting a more robust ski for river racing.

With all the comfort of the  SS1 Cruze X  the RT version features the same exceptional stability, comfort and integrated features as its composite counterpart, plus a rear hatch for storage of gear for day trips. Uniquely, the venturi system is built of carbon paddle shafts for easy shaping and replacement.

Can  also be fitted with both Underslung and Overslung rudder systems.

Available in a range of colours to suit your individual taste.

Length: 5.2 m Width: 54 cm Height: 33cm 

Weight: Approx 23kg Stability: 5/5

Weight Class: 50-120kg

Pricing: $2,250 inc GST

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SS1 BOOST X- The SS1 Boost is aimed at entry to intermediate paddlers who are looking for a ski that offers great run-riding capability, speed and handling without compromising its stability.

Length: 5.95m Width: 51.0cm Height: 35cm

Weight Class: 50 -120kg Stability: 4/5

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SS1 BOOST X LV (Low Volume)- SS1 Boost X LV was introduced in 2018 to cater for smaller framed guys or gals of beginner to intermediate standard.

Offering great run-riding capabilities, speed and handling, all without compromising its stability, it’s no wonder this ski is enjoyed by many paddlers around the world. Perfectly
suitable for anyone wanting to bridge the gap between entry and intermediate level.

Length: 5.95m Width: 50cm Height: 33cm 

Weight Class: 40 -80kg Stability: 4/5

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SS1 ZEST  X- For  Intermediate paddlers over 70kg the SS1 Zest has more volume than the Zest X LV and is slightly more stable. With added stability, the paddler can experience increased confidence in his/her ocean paddling without sacrificing performance. The ZEST X catches runs with easy and having great steering responsiveness, can be nimble and agile in varying conditions. 

Length: 6.2m Width: 48.5cm Height: 34cm

Weight Class: 75-120kg Stability: 3/5

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SS1 ZEST X LV (FORMALLY VAULT X)-    This boat has undergone a name change to avoid confusion. This is the low volume (LV) version of the Zest X  for intermediate paddlers up to 80kg. Inspired by the need for a fast, yet stable surfski, this surf ski allows non-elite racers the opportunity to achieve their best results. The ZEST X LV boasts all the features of a top end racer- stability, comfort and great manoeuverability – allowing non-elite racers the opportunity to achieve their best results.

Length: 6.1m Width: 46.0cm Height: 32cm

Weight Class: 40-85kg Stability: 3/5

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SS1 FLASH X –  Watch out for this one!  This is the new Boat from Carbonology Sport specifically designed for Downwind racing.

For experienced paddlers over 70kg the SS1 Flash X is the fastest boat in the CS range for heavier paddlers. Features a lower hump for better leg drive,  wider and longer footwells, integrated water bottle holder and  leg leash attachment point.

Length: 6.35m Width: 42.5cm Height: 35cm

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SS1 FLASH X LV – One of the newest additions to the range, the FLASH X LV is an advanced racing ski and the fastest ski from our arsenal, along with the FLASH X. This surf ski was specifically designed for the lighter/smaller advanced paddler, below 75kg. 

Specifically designed with women in mind, the hump has been lowered enabling an effective leg drive, accompanied by an extended footwell for more adjustability room. Cockpit rail cutaways provide a paddler with an easy catch entry.

This boat recently won the Cape Point Challenge in South Africa for Kira Bester and a 5th Place for Chloe Bunnett.

Length: 6.35m Width: 42cm Depth: 33.5cm

Weight Class: 40-85kg

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SS1 PULSE  – For experienced paddlers up to 80kg the SS1 Pulse is the fastest boat in the CS range for lighter paddlers. It’s design has been optimized to reduce the wetted surface area and waterline drag. The hump has been lowered enabling an effective leg drive. Combine this with radical cutaways for one of the best catch entries available. This ski can accommodate paddlers up to 6ft 4inches and has been successfully raced by paddlers between 50kg and 80kg. Successfully raced by Hayley Nixon in 2016 to win the Women’s World Surfski Championship.

Length: 6.0m Width: 44.0cm Height: 34cm Seat Width: 44cm  Seat Depth: 20cm

Weight Class: 55-80kg Stability: 1/5

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SS1 SURF X- Surf Lifesaving Spec Ski

The Carbonology Sport specific Spec ski for surf racing includes single easy adjust footwell, multiple Neoprene handles and double bullet bailers. It punches through the surf and clears water well getting you through the surf line quickly. Links the runs and surfs well getting you through the break zone and across the finish line before your opposition. The Epoxy vacuum process gives you a higher glass to resin ratio giving you the strongest and toughest ski on the market.

These skis are Spec weight at 18kg and SLSA approved.

Length: 58m Width: 48cm Height: 38cm

Weight Class: All


Glass Epoxy Vacuum Hybrid (15kg)- No SLSA Specification: $2,990 inc GST

Glass Vacuum (18kg)- With SLSA Specification: $3,090 Inc GST

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SS2 CRUZE X  – Imagine the SS1 Cruze with an extra seat!

This stable and bulky craft is a first choice for anyone wanting to enjoy a leisure paddle out on the water. Spacious but yet sleek
making the craft manuverable and agile. Conventional touring kayaks have nothing on this beauty.

Length: 5.65m Width: 68cm Height: 37cm Seat Width: 42cm Seat Depth: 18cm

Weight Class: 100-150kg Stability: 5/5

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SS2 BOOST X  – The BOOST X double is undoubtedly one of Carbonology Sports finest creations. Dubbed by the paddling community as the best “Family Friendly” double, it has quickly become a best seller. Aimed at the entry level and intermediate paddlers, the BOOST X double has a number of unique features that makes it stand out. 

A new defined and sizeable hull provides plenty of stability, low cockpit rails that help make remounting easier and improved seat ergonomics are the significant game changing factors. The BOOST X double is no slouch too, it will surprise you. Take family, friends and children out to experience the beauty of the ocean all the while doing it in a craft that make you feel secure and relaxed.

Length: 7.2m Width: 52cm Height: 39cm

Weight Class: 100-250kg

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SS2 ZEST X  –  The all new ZEST X double is here! An intermediate double surf ski on with a purpose to give paddlers the best paddling experience possible. Significant
ergonomic changes ensure paddlers are able to exercise great technique and wave-running. 

The doubles sleep hull design cuts through the water efficiently while equipping paddlers with ample stability and wave-riding efficiency. The perfect ration between beginner and pro level attributes.

Length: 7.25m Width: 50cm Height: 38cm

Weight Class: All

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SS2 FLASH X (SS2 BLAST)  – This boat has undergone a name change.

For experienced paddlers only the SS2 Flash X (formally known as the SS2 Blast) is widely regarded as the fastest double ski in the world. Very fast with a comfortable aggressive seating position allowing maximum paddling power.

Length: 7.4m Width: 46cm Height: 41cm

Weight Class: All

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SS3 BOOST X  – The Boost X Triple ski joined the Carbonology Sport fleet in 2019. A great boat to take out new paddlers or kids for some fun on the ocean and the perfect boat for your hire fleet! No one misses out with the CS SS3 Boost. Based off the incredibly popular BOOST X double, the triple has phenomenal stability and ergonomic properties.

Experience surf ski paddling like never before with not only one friend, but 2! We highly recommend this craft for those who enjoy team paddling and to schools & clubs wanting to add to the stoke of competitions.

A wave deflector is included in this model.

Length: 7.8m Width: 52.0cm Height: 41cm

Weight Class: 150-300kg

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