KTW Wildwater (DR) kayaks

Kick the Waves are renowned for producing some of the best wildwater racing boats with high-tech quality, strength and low weight characteristics.

With  13 models  and 5 build constructions across their range we are sure that Kick the Waves will have the right wildwater boat for  you!

APS have been importing Kick the Waves wildwater boats since 2017.We stock only a limited range of boats.

Boats can be custom ordered from the Kick the Waves factory in Czech Republic.


1) CLUB  – suitable for beginners or for occasional racers. This is the best construction for rivers of lower difficulty.

Weight: 10.0 kg

Composition: Aramid-diolen and fibreglass.

Price: $2,150 inc GST

2) TOURING – popular among top racers mainly as a boat for training purposes. Down-river racers have favoured this construction for a combination of training and racing boat.

Weight: 9.60 kg

Composition: Aramid-carbon and Fiberglass.   Hardened with AC stiffeners.  Vacuum-treated PVC Sandwich

Price: $2,750 inc GST

3) RACE PERFORMANCE   – Most popular construction favoured by the Czech representatives. High strength guarantees superior ride on the most difficult water terrain.

Weight: 9.5 kg

Composition:  Aramid-carbon and Carbon. Hardened with AC stiffeners.  Vacuum-treated PVC Sandwich

Price $3,500 inc GST

4) CHAMPION PERFORMANCE  – High quality, strength and low weight characterise this as the racing professional construction for down-river boats.

Weight: 8.9 kg

Composition: Aramid-carbon and Carbon without fibreglass. Hardened with AC stiffeners. Vacuum treated PVC HEREX sandwich.

Price: $3,800 inc GST

5) RED – Best constructed boats you can find in the market.  This composition was developed in response to a change in the rules (reducing weight by 1kg in  2013). High-tech quality, strength and low weight.

Weight: 8.7 kg

Composition: Aramid-carbon and Carbon without fibreglass.  Special Epoxy resin. Hardened with AC stiffeners. Vacuum treated PVC HEREX sandwich.

Price: $4,150 inc GST


Fitout Options

  • Premium seat and back belt: $50 inc GST
  • Seat Installation: $25 inc GST
  • Adjustable footrest 15cm: $80 inc GST
  • Adjustable footrest 30 cm: $100 inc GST
  • Composite Footrest 8cm: $40 inc GST
  • Composite Footrest 10cm: $45 inc GST
  • Composite Footrest 16cm: $55 inc GST
  • Footrest installation:  $25 inc GST
  • Tips & Tails: $70 inc GST
  • Buoyancy bag 50 litre :$55 inc GST
  • Graphic design:  $POA
  • Padded boat cover 3mm :$280 inc GST
  • Padded Boat Cover 5mm: $300 inc GST
  • KTW Spray deck:  $120 inc GST
  • Watch Holder: $2 inc GST


ATTACK – The first downriver boat built by Kick the Waves in 2003 and winner of European Championship in the same year.  The Attack became the inspiration for other boat manufacturers, which in fact, was a great honour both for the boat and its designers. Last year the Attack went through some minor cosmetic modifications to make it more attractive for experienced paddlers who are looking for a fast and dependable boat. If you want to fight a wave with grace Attack is your right choice.




WAKA –  The New Zealand countryside and culture enchanted Tomas Slovak during his stay in 2004 and thus inspired the birth of his legendary Waka boat. The most successful downriver kayak of recent years due to its excellent driving characteristics on all water terrains. You can find this boat on all continents and in all major countries of the canoeing globe.  Waka has conquered not only all the world podiums, but also the hearts of all paddlers who have ever paddled this beauty.



WAKATWO-Younger sister of the extremely popular Waka the main modifications concern the front deck and increased paddler’s comfort allowing a better view of the course.

Can also be built as Wakatwo Light with modified bottom to give the bow a smaller displacement making it more suitable for ladies and children.




LIMAX – At home on all wild aquatic terrains. Stability and perfect control that allows its riders to achieve their greatest potential. Emil Milihrama won two gold and two silver medals in this boat at the 2009 European Championships.


WINI – Based on the Wakatwo this is the ideal boat for athletes with light weight.

Can also be built as Wini Light with modified bottom to give the bow a smaller displacement making it more suitable for ladies and children.


BARELONE The latest model from the Kick The Waves factory… comfort, stability and more space for the bodybutt and legs All this is especially useful for less experienced and ambitious athletes who will compromise speed for comfort and stability.



TONGA – The most popular model in the Kick the waves range it was made especially for the 2010 Wildwater World Championships in Sort -Spain. The boat has perfect stability and manoeuvrability in white water as well as extraordinary speed on flat water . Tonga’s newly designed narrow bow captures your imagination at first sight and a paddler can feel its speed just during his/her first strokes. Raised bow and stern, along with a “round” bottom profile provides exceptional manoeuvrability and rotation.

The fact that the boat is two centimetres wider in the seating position than Wakatwo kayak contributes to the maximal manoeuvrability of the boat. The space in the area of the athletes’ knees was made wider too and that’s why kayakers with their height of around 200cm have no problem comfortably seated in this kayak. Tonga is supplied with a special seat (it can be equipped even with a back strap), which allows athlete to have even larger control over the boat.




CAYENNE – Designed by Tomas Slovak, Sesia Maxim Clerin and other French Representatives for the 2014 World Championships in the Italian Valtellina,  the Cayenne is based on the popular Tonga but is bigger, especially on the rear deck. The main goal was to improve handling in extreme whitewater while maintaining speed on calm water.  Thanks to the larger volume of the Cayenne it supports also competitors with higher weight, while for lighter competitors it can be cut and individually modified.




SICARIO – The Latest model out of the KTW factory  the Sicario was  designed for the World Cup in French Pau on September/October 2017.

This kayak was designed to cope with sharp transitions between fast-flowing water and reverse currents at maximum speed. With a sleek modern design the Sicario also shows great acceleration when moving across quieter passages.

Also available in Sicario Light




Check out the video!




  K1 Seat with Back Rest                                   Adjustable Foot rest 15cm                                         Adjustable Foot rest 30cm                                      Wooden Leg Brace


Composite Protector for tip/back of boat           Boat Bag 3mm or 5mm                                           K1 seat without back rest  


  Composite Footrest 8cm                                       Composite Footrest 10cm                                   Composite Footrest 16cm


Due to the extensive range and sizes of wildwater boats available from Kick the Waves we have limited stock in Australia. If you wish to order a boat to be custom made by the factory specifically to suit your needs please email us at info@australianpaddlesports.com.au or contact us on 0414 666 484.
Current stock available can be viewed on our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/australianpaddlesports/