Vajda K1 Spirit

From $3,290

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With a little extra stability, along with sleek lines, The Vajda K1 Spirit was developed to cater for junior and masters paddlers and is one of  our best sellers!
In the world of kayaks, sleeker is faster however in order to exert full power on our paddle we must be stable in the boat.

Even if we just want to enjoy a relaxing paddle rather than perform at top speed, you must be comfortable and relaxed.

The Vajda K1 Spirit is suited to those paddlers able to paddle an elite K1 but have difficulty in racing conditions due to instability on the water.

This boat is also very popular for ski paddlers wishing to transition into kayaks.



Length: 5.2m

Width: 43.3cm

Stability: 3/5

Paddler Weight:

S: 50-60kg

M: 60-75kg

L: 75-85kg

XL: 85+kg

For construction builds and to see what is included in each construction build visit: Vajda Spirit
Build Weight & Pricing:
River & Club: From 10.2 kg (subject to size &  colour) $3,290
Sport: From 10.2 kg (subject to size &  colour) $3,990
World Cup: From 10.8kg (subject to size &  colour) $4,595.00
Marathon: From 8kg (subject to size &  colour) $5,595
Ultra Marathon: From 7kg $5,595
Available in a range of custom colours
Colour Palette
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APS_15_099 K1 Spirit Club MediumAPS_15_089 K1 Spirit Club MediumAPS_15_100 K1 Spirit WC MediumAPS_15_101 K1 Spirit WC XLphotoAPS_14_172 K1 Spirit Marathon SmallAPS_14_143 K1 Spirit Marathon MediumAPS_14_152 Spirit Club LAPS_14_138 Spirit Marathon Large.2