Vajda K1 Infusion X

From $3,290

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Introduced in 2018 the Vajda Infusion X is based on the popular Infusion 2 and Apex models and is the boat of choice for many 1000m sprint paddlers and marathon paddlers.

It has very good acceleration and holds a line at speed very well. For marathon paddlers the Infusion X sits very comfortably on a wash, making it a very easy K1 to use.

With only slight modifications to the Infusion 2 hull, the new Infusion X has been given a completely new deck facelift based on the new Apex Series for a modern sleek appearance.

Boat Dimensions:

Length: 5.2m

Width: 42cm

Stability: 2/5

Paddler Weight:

M: 65-75kg
L : 75-85kg
XL: 85-90kg
XXL: 90+kg

For construction builds and to see what is included in each construction build visit: Vajda Infusion X
Build Weight & Pricing:
River & Club: From 10.2 kg (subject to size &  colour) $3,290
Sport: From 10.2 kg (subject to size &  colour) $3,990
World Cup: From 10.8kg (subject to size &  colour) $4,595.00
Marathon: From 8kg (subject to size &  colour) $5,595
Ultra Marathon: From 7kg $5,595
Available in a range of custom colours
Colour Palette
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