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The KayakFirst Kayak, Dragon Boat & SUP  Combo Ergometer is an all-in-one module system simulator which imitates perfectly the different art of paddle sports thus providing a realistic on-water feel.

This universal paddle machine is made in Hungary for indoor kayak, canoe, dragon boat, or SUP and enables athletes to keep their training regardless of the weather. Whether you are an amateur, professional or even a World Champion athlete, this paddling machine will suit you. The KayakFirst Simulator is very compact, has a very realistic stroke feeling and it comes at a very affordable price.

This machine is also used by para-athletes and recommended for athletes in rehabilitation having to go through physical therapy.

The one main machine can be used for any type of paddling with the additional of different accessories.
The KayakFirst Kayak, Dragon Boat & SUP  Combo Ergometer also has a 5″color touchscreen display with virtual opponent so that you to keep track of your performance.
It is also one of the most compact Ergometers on the market meaning:
  • less space for practicing
  • minimal area taken when stored upright
  • convenient for the smallest gyms
  • even for the tallest athletes
Available in Blue RAL 5015, Red RAL 3020, Orange RAL 2004
PRICING: Includes Delivery, Duty, Customs Clearance & GST
Kayak, Dragon Boat & SUP Combo Ergometer:  $4,500
  • We are an Australian Based Company so you get warranty and back up as per Australian Consumer Law.
  • Our price is a fixed price that includes all Duty, Customs Fees & Sales Taxes.
  • We back up all products with replacement parts if the need arises.

KayakFirst provide the following warranty:

  • 6 months of warranty for ropes and bungee cords
  • 1 year for pulleys, bearings, and some other movable parts
  • 2 years for non-movable parts, like structure, components, etc.

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Blue RAL 5015, Red RAL 3020, Orange RAL 2004