Stroke2Max Ergometer


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The Stroke2Max Kayak Ergometer, is a high-tech Olympic style K1 kayak simulator with an unparalleled authentic water feeling. It was designed to meet the exact requirements of élite paddlers striving for perfection.

The Stroke2Max Kayak Ergometer has an adjustable shaft to not only alter the paddling resistance but to provide any user with that realistic kayak feel. Each Stroke2Max Kayak Ergometer comes with an easy adjustable quick release footrest, and has a fully adjustable fan resistance according to the users weight and further High Resistance adjustments to accommodate a higher resistance and the greater forces that can be applied when sprinting.

The Stroke2Max Kayak Ergometer is not only a leader in kayak realistic simulation but is also the most affordable Kayak ergometer on the market.

Dimensions: 2070×750 × 300 mm

Weight: 30kg


The Stroke2max Kayak Ergometer is designed to be durable and comes with an easy adjustable footrest. It is fitted with a comfortable sprint seat to simulate your kayak environment.

The Stroke2max has a built in Bluetooth Sensor that connects to an advanced APP on any Smart Device