Kayak Centre K2 Ascent




A great entry level K2 for the bigger crew weighing between 150-240kg. Stable and tough enough to take a pounding, it won’t let you down!

The fuller, rounder hull prevents the tail from sinking into the water giving it a better all round performance without sacrificing stability. The pitched deck helps shed water and cut through big waves, making it a dream on big rivers.





 Pricing inc GST:
River : $2,490
River Max: $2,690
River Max +: $3,190
River Race +: $3,390
River Elite +: $3,790
River Elite Pro: $3,990
Add-ons inc GST:
Foot strap: $20
GPS Mount:  $10
Carry Handles (pair): $20
Cockpit Handles: $15
Pump: $100
Kevlar Seat: $45
Carbon Footrest Upgrade: $90
Boat Cover K2: $350
Note: All weights are estimates and may vary depending on colours and add-ons or extras chosen