Carbonology Sport Surf X- Spec Ski

From $2,990

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The Carbonology Sport specific Spec ski for surf racing includes single easy adjust footwell, multiple Neoprene handles and double bullet bailers. It punches through the surf and clears water well getting you through the surf line quickly. Links the runs and surfs well getting you through the break zone and across the finish line before your opposition. The Epoxy vacuum process gives you a higher glass to resin ratio giving you the strongest and toughest ski on the market.

These skis come in two weight options.

  • Recreational/ Non- Competitive 15kg
  • SLSA Approved 18kg

Can be ordered in custom colours for your club!


Stern handle

Dual side handles

Front cockpit handle

Full length adjustability

Venturi bullet scuppers

Boat Dimensions:

Length: 5.79m Width: 48cm Height: 40cm

Weight Class: All


Glass (15kg)- No SLSA Specification: $2,990 inc GST

Glass(18kg)- With SLSA Specification: $3,090 Inc GST

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