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Vajda has addressed the lack of a true entry level, budget-priced skis with the recent launch of their Raptor Surfski.

Made from a tough, durable & incredibly stiff thermo-formed ABS plastic known as Styrolight, the finish on this ski has to be seen to be believed. Thermoform plastic provides a product similar to the quality of fiberglass in appearance and performance, but at a lower cost, making this ski ideal for paddling in rivers with rapids without compromising speed. The Raptor ski is outfitted with the same high tech fittings as Vajda’s composite ski models including carbon fibre foot pedals and handy shoulder strap for ease of carrying.

The Raptor ski has a flat planing hull providing stability, while the narrow forward section of the boat provides a close catch & excellent ergonomics. Featuring a durable snap closing KajakSport hatch ensuring a rear hatch seal with integrity, and enough capacity for a long weekend away camping. Suited to slightly lighter paddlers, with a weight range up to about 95kg, the durability and stability of this ski also make it the perfect choice for hire fleets and schools/paddling clubs.

What is the difference between Thermomoulded and Rotomoulded? Read here: Thermomoulding


Made from Styrolight, a lightweight ABS plastic with tremendous stiffness and impact resistance

Full fit-out hardware as with Vajda’s high end models

Carry side and end handles

Rear Hatch with capacity for a light-weight trip

Shoulder strap for ease of carrying

Shorter than the average ski at 5.3m so fits into the average garage

Boat Dimensions:

Length: 5.35m

Width: 53cm

Weight: 19.5kg including fittings

Stability: 5/5

Constuction Build:
To see what is included in each construction build visit: Raptor Ski
Available in Red, Mango  or White styrolight

Please contact APS direct at or  0414 666 484 to take up this offer.

Package deals with carbon fibre paddle and life jacket also available