Carbonology Sport SS3 Boost

From $5,000

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The New Carbonology Sport SS3 Boost has been designed to suit beginner/ intermediate paddlers with more volume and therefore more stability.

Intermediate paddlers are able to introduce family/friends/ kids  to the sport of Surfski paddling even  in rough conditions and still feel secure in the SS3.

The perfect boat for the family or for businesses wanting a boat for their hire fleet.

The SS3 Boost offers fantastic performance in all conditions with added stability in comparison to racing/advanced surf  skis. With added stability, the paddler can experience increased confidence in his/her ocean paddling without sacrificing performance. It still has the liveliness of a CS surfski and it turns fast when you need to change directions in surf.

The finish is brilliant, as we have come to expect from Carbonology. Add to this light, strong and direct full carbon pedals on a fully adjustable vertical pin rack,  breathable rubber bung plug, carbon rudder and carbon steering assembly hatch – the outfitting is excellent.


  • Wave deflector
  • Side & rear handles
  • Full length adjustability
  • Venturi bullet scuppers
  • Front cockpit rigging all seat wells
  • Foot pedals from seat, foot board rear seats
  • Rear deck rigging

Boat Dimensions:

Boat Length: 7.8m

Boat Width: 52.0cm

Boat Height: 40.0cm

Seat Width:

Seat Depth:

Weight Class: All

Construction & Pricing:
Glass Epoxy Vacuum 29kg$5,000
Hybrid Carbon/Glass Epoxy Vacuum :  Not Available
Carbon Foam Epoxy Vacuum 23kg$6,000
Carbon/Aramid/Foam/Honeycomb: Not Available
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