Carbonology Sport SS1 Flash

From $3,300

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The  Carbonology Sport SS1 Flash is the surfski for experienced paddlers over 70kg. This is the fastest boat in the CS range for heavier paddlers.


The volume in the bow and throughout the ski is very similar to all the other skis of that size and length. The ski could best described as a longer, thinner Vault. With a longer footwell as well and lower hump, a much better leg drive is achieved. This provides an aggressive seating position without a “nose up” feel as in other skis.

“It turns very well and catches waves and runs the same as the Vault in testing. The rocker is also the same as the Vault and also has a very nice glide feeling from the longer waterline”– Hein Van Rooyen CEO Carbonology Sport

This is an impressive boat for the experienced intermediate paddler or rough water ski for elite paddler. If you are in the market, get out there & try it out…….given the subjective nature of ski preferences, this might surprise you.

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Front cockpit handle

Full length adjustability

Venturi bullet scuppers

Front cockpit rigging

Rear deck rigging

Boat Dimensions:

Boat Length: 6.35m

Boat Width: 44.5cm

Boat Depth: 25.0cm

Seat Width: 39.0cm

Seat Depth: 21.0cm

Construction, Weight & Pricing:
Glass Epoxy Vacuum: 14.5kg $3,300
Hybrid Carbon/Glass Epoxy Vacuum: 12.5kg $3,900
Carbon Foam Epoxy Vacuum: 11.5kg $4,500
Carbon/Honeycomb Deck: 10.5kg $5,100
Carbon Full Honeycomb: 9.5kg $5,700
Clear Carbon: POA
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