Carbonology Sport SS1 Pulse

From $3,300

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For experienced paddlers up to 80kg the Carbonology Sport SS1 Pulse is the fastest boat in the CS range for lighter paddlers. Successfully raced by Hayley Nixon in 2016 to win the Women’s World Surfski Championship.

It’s design has been optimized to reduce the wetted surface area and waterline drag. The hump has been lowered enabling an effective leg drive. Combine this with radical cutaways for one of the best catch entries and there is little wonder why this ski has already proved itself as a race winner. This ski can accommodate paddlers up to 6ft 4 inches and has been successfully raced by paddlers between 50kg and 80kg.

The finish is brilliant, as we have come to expect from Carbonology. Add to this light, strong and direct full carbon pedals on a fully adjustable vertical pin rack,  breathable rubber bung plug, carbon rudder and carbon steering assembly hatch – the outfitting is excellent.





Front cockpit handle

Full length adjustability

Venturi bullet scuppers

Rear deck rigging

Front cockpit rigging

Lowered hump for optimum leg drive

Radical cutaways for paddle entry

Reduced wetted surface area and waterline drag.

Boat Dimensions:

Boat Length: 6.0m

Boat Width: 44.0cm

Boat Height: 34.0cm

Seat Width: 38.0cm

Seat Depth: 20.0cm

Weight Class: 55-80kg


Construction, Weight & Pricing:
Glass Epoxy Vacuum: 14.5kg $3,300
Hybrid Carbon/Glass Epoxy Vacuum: 12.5kg $3,900
Carbon Foam Epoxy Vacuum: 11.5kg $4,500
Carbon/Honeycomb Deck: 10.5kg $5,100
Carbon Full Honeycomb: 9.5kg $5,700
Clear Carbon: POA
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