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The Jantex Beta (previously known as Beta Rio)  was developed in co-operation with Danish Kayak Champion Rene Holten Poulsen. It is shorter, wider and more twisted than the original Beta blade resulting in a more aggressive paddle with better control and excellent exit ability. This blade is designed for well prepared athletes to give maximum acceleration in the first phase of stroke. It can be difficult when changing the frequency of the stroke.

The New Beta blade comes in 12 sizes.

Suitable for a wide range of paddlers (from kids to TOP strongest MEN paddlers in each event).

Blade Construction

Lightweight full carbon & sandwich construction

Blades held in stock in Australia are Ultra Light

Stiff Blades are only ordered on request and cost an additional $15.

Ultra light – most asked stiffness for Flat Water, Marathon and Down river. Give fantastic weight and ideal stiffness for Professional race use. Used by all top paddlers. Blade JANTEX LOGO in WHITE COLOUR.

Stiff – ONLY for heaviest and strongest Men. Give possibility to use also by loading in any directions. For paddlers who prefer stiff paddles. Blade JANTEX LOGO in YELLOW COLOUR.

Blade Tip

Blades held in stock in Australia are Carbon tip.

Metal & FG tips can be only ordered on request and cost an additional $15

Metal Tips are only available in sizes Medium Minus, Medium and Medium Plus


kayak blade tip typesjantex-beta-rio

Blade Sizes

The following chart is based on European recommendations. European paddlers are often bigger in stature and more sprint oriented.

In Australia we recommend the following variances:

  • Small to Medium blades for Ocean paddling
  • Flexi-Soft or Soft Shafts for paddlers doing long distances- Ocean and marathon paddling
  • Soft to Stiff Shafts for sprint paddlers – Soft for sprint training and stiff for sprint racing


Kayak Shafts


Outside diameter 29 mm
Weight 180 grams

Adjustable CLAMP

Jantex paddles are now standard with Nylon adjustable clamp.

Nylon Clamp System 
Lock and unlock is possible on the water without any tools, with lever.
Adjustment availability 10 cm or on special order 5 cm, line marks every 5 mm.
Angle adjustment LEFT/RIGHT hand control,
line marks every 5 °.

  • Resistant to Salt water
  • Special Nylon with fiber glass reinforcement
  • Good resistance to chemicals
  • Dimensional stability & very low warpage
  • High notched impact strength and energy absorption
  • Low creepy behaviour at high temperatures
  • Lighter (less 10g)


Fixed Shaft: $630

Adjustable Shaft: $675

Stiff Blades:  $25 extra

Metal Tip Blades:  $25 extra


Jantex Paddle Cover Split Length $95


Rene Holten Poulsen (DEN) : Olympic Silver Medallist

Jantex Beta Rio Large UL

Additional information

Blade Construction

Ultra Light, Stiff

Blade Tip

Carbon, FG, Metal

Blade Size

Small Minus 680cm2, Small 700cm2, Small Plus 720cm2, X Small Plus 730cm2, Medium Minus 740cm2, Medium 760cm2, Medium Plus 780cm2, X Medium Plus 790cm2, Large Minus 800cm2, Large 820cm2, Large Plus 840cm2

Shaft Configuration

Fixed, Adjustable

Shaft Stiffness

Stiff, Soft, Flexi Soft, Super Flexi Soft

Shaft Length

190-200, 195-205, 200-210, 205-215, 208-218, 210-220, 212-222, 214-224, 216-226

Paddle Locator Plastic

Yes, No

Heat Shrink

Yes, No

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