Vajda K1 Raptor

From $2,290

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The  Vajda Raptor kayak is a recreational K1 made from a tough, durable & incredibly stiff thermo-formed ABS plastic known as Styrolight. Based on the surf ski Vajda HAWX 52 this is a K1 that is robust, stiff, light, fast and UV-stable.


The Raptor kayak includes the Vajda PowerGlide footrest system adapted from the superb ergonomics of their famous race craft. All Vajda kayak accessories can also be fitted to this kayak. ie rudders and foot straps etc At 5.3m long it is slightly longer than a K1 giving you a faster touring boat. When fitted with the optional trailing rudder this will be the perfect down river boat!

Thermoform plastic provides a product similar to the quality of fiberglass in appearance and performance, but at a lower cost.

What is the difference between Thermomoulded and Rotomoulded? Read here: Thermomoulding


Made from Styrolight, a lightweight ABS plastic with tremendous stiffness and impact resistance

Very comfortable seat

Seat position can be adapt to your leg length (seat and footrest)

POWERGLIDE Footrest System


Boat Dimensions:

Length: 5.36m

Width: 52.1cm

Cockpit Length: 94.3.0cm

Cockpit Width: 41.5cm

Weight: 19.5kg fully fitted

Stability: 4/5

Constuction Build:
Available in Red, Mango or Green Styrolight
To see what is included in this construction build visit: Raptor Kayak
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