Vajda Makai Mini

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The Vajda Makai Mini is the new Surfski model  for children to learn paddle in the sea and also it’s a great boat to learn to paddle on flatwater. The  seat on top eliminates the initial fear of sitting in a standard kayak with the cockpit.

Constructed from Styrolight

Styrolight® is a styrene-based plastics material with acrylic surface layer. Styrene based plastics have great toughness and high impact strength (even at low temperatures), good mechanical properties and excellent dimensional stability.

Styrolight® is thermoplastics material and for canoes and kayaks production is processed by vacuum forming into a mould at high temperatures (140–160 °C). The top surface on all Styrolight® products is made from a thin acrylic layer. This gives a shiny surface and  better scratch resistance which will last a long period of time. This layer also contains UV stabilisers which guarantee colour and material stability and quality.

Styrolight® is also 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly. Styrolight® boats have high resistance and toughness. One of the biggest advantage is low weight comparing to PE (polyethylene) plastics boats. Weight of Styrolight® boats is similar to Fiberglass-Epoxy constructions with incomparable better shock resistance. Specific weight is 1,1 g/cm3.

Ski Length 4.15 m  Width 49.5 cm

Stability: 5/5



Flat hull for maximum speed while surfing

Ergonomic cockpit seat

        Full POWERGLIDE Club Footrest with Strap

Carry Handles

Leg Leash Attachment point

Construction Build:
Styrolight – Styrene-based plastic material with acrylic surface layer, vacuum formed
To see what is included in each construction build visit: Vajda MAKAI MINI
Build Weight & Pricing:
Styrolight: Approx 12.8kg  $1,550