Vajda K1 MSonic

From $3,290

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The Vajda K1 MSonic is the perfect blend of stability, comfort, and speed for heavier paddlers over 85kg., but is best suited to paddlers 95-100kg.

The MSonic was developed to split the difference between the Civet Cat and the Supersonic line in stability while maintaining a high hull speed.

For the experienced K1 paddler, it is pure comfort with little to no speed loss over the full on sprint boats. With a little larger volume, you can expect a dry ride in light chop, and to lean a little farther. Though the hull never fully flattens, it does have a small area in the center that is close to flat.


Boat Dimensions:

Length: 5.2m

Width: 45.9cm

Stability: 4/5

Paddler Weight:

XL: 85+kg

For construction builds and to see what is included in each construction build visit: MSonic
Build Weight & Pricing:
River & Club: From 10.2 kg (subject to size &  colour) $3,290
Sport: From 10.2 kg (subject to size &  colour) $3,990
World Cup: From 10.8kg (subject to size &  colour) $4,595.00
Marathon: From 8kg (subject to size &  colour) $5,595
Ultra Marathon: From 7kg $5,595
Available in a range of custom coloursColour Palette
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