Kayak Power Meter Pro

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Kayak Power Meter Pro

The One Giant Leap Kayak Power Meter Pro is a 100% carbon-fiber kayak shaft which has been instrumented with force and motion sensors in order to measure the power-output, force and stroke-rate of a paddler.

The Pro Version provides real-time power, power balance and stroke-rate feedback whilst paddling on the water plus High Speed Data recording for detailed post-analysis of the power and force generated throughout each stroke. A USB ABT + Stick is required to use the One Giant Leap Desktop App

  • Your choice of shaft stiffness- Flexi-Soft, Soft, Stiff, Extra Stiff
  • Your choice of shaft length- 5cm adjustment
  • 12 hour (paddling) battery life
  • Real-time power, power balance & stroke-rate feedback
  • High Speed Data recording of power and top/bottom hand forces
  • Accurate internal clock for synchronizing High Speed Data (K2 or K4)


Kayak Power Meter Pro: $2,185 inc GST

USB ANT + Stick: $72 inc GST

Real Time Data as you paddle

As you paddle your Power, Power Balance (left stroke vs. right stroke power distribution) and Cadence (stroke-rate) will be displayed in real-time on any compatible ANT+ display, updated every second.

Compatible Displays

Garmin Forerunner 310XT, 910XT, 920XT; Garmin EDGE500, EDGE510, EDGE520; Suunto Ambit2 (S); Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5 & S6 and many, many more.

Record your Training Data

You can record these metrics on your ANT+ display alongside your GPS boat speed and heart rate. You can then use software such as Garmin Connect™, Strava™ or TrainingPeaks™ to view your data and analyze your performance

High Speed Data

A Detailed View of Individual Strokes

View your stroke profiles – power, pushing hand force & pulling hand force during each stroke – at 50 samples a second.

Identify Left and Right Stroke Imbalances

Imbalances in power and imbalances in hand forces between the left and right strokes highlight weaknesses or an improper paddle offset. Symmetry is important for compatibility with other athletes in a team boat, and it is the key to achieving a smoother boat run. High Speed Data will uncover whether any imbalances exist.

Investigate Stroke-Timing in a Crew/Team Boat

A team boat will perform at its best when each athlete is paddling in time with the rest of the crew. High Speed Data will show you the catch and exit timing of every athlete in the boat who is using a power meter.

USB ANT+ Stick™

The One Giant Leap Desktop App requires a USB ANT stick to change the settings, upgrade the firmware, and download the High Speed Data on a One Giant Leap Kayak Power Meter Pro.

  • Fits a full-sized USB port (desktop; laptop or tablet)

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