Carbonology Sport SS1 Cruze RT X

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The Carbonology Sport SS1 Cruze RT X  is a rotomoulded plastic ski entry level surf ski aimed at the beginner, recreational and fun segment of the paddling market. It features exceptional stability and comfort  along with all the  integrated features of its composite counterpart.

The Cruze RT has the same comfortable cockpit as the composite version and thus suits a range of body shapes and sizes. The carbon footrest is very easy to adjust back and forth. Two one-way valves allow the water to automatically drain out of the cockpit when paddling.

The bottom line is that this is a fantastic recreational ski and an ideal ski to get started in as well as being a versatile ski that has serious potential as a multisport craft, especially for those who are not hot paddlers and battle when conditions (wind and swell) are against them.

It features a rear hatch for storage of gear for day trips and can be fitted with both Underslung and Overslung rudder systems.

Uniquely, the venturi system is built of carbon paddle shafts for easy shaping and replacement.

Available in a range of colours to suit your individual taste.


STD Setup:

Length: 5.2m Width: 54cm Height: 33cm

Seat Width: 43cm  Seat Depth: 19cm

Weight: Approx. 24kg

Weight Class: 50-120kg

Stability: 5/5

Construction & Pricing:
Plastic:  $2,250
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