Virtual Kayaking during 2020 Coronavirus Lock down

As the world goes into lockdown in 2020 to try to stop the spread of  COVID-19, why not try Virtual Kayaking?

Over the coming months we will run a series of ‘Virtual’ races to try to keep people fit and motivated during the crisis and to practice social distancing.

Simply line up on your favourite bit of water on the race day, hit start on your GPS and GO for it. When you reach your distance (20km, 15km or 10km) hit STOP. Then email or text your results to have them added to the spreadsheet.

  • The time you set must be on the race” Weekend “
  • Try and paddle a loop or out and back course so any assistance given one way is lost the other
  • Paddle Solo or as your current government ruling allows – Single craft only
  • Be sure to have your own safety plan in place
  • Interstate & International paddlers welcome

Send results to:

Email: (preferred) or Text:  +61 414 666 484.   (No Facebook messaging please)

Include only: Name, ICF Age Category (optional ), Time, Distance, Location and  Craft type.

All paddlers welcome- Worldwide!


Our Virtual Kayaking Races are now complete.

Many thanks to everyone for supporting our races during COVID lockdown. We hope you have all enjoyed the challenge and it has helped keep you active and motivated during these unprecedented times. Looking forward to seeing you all on the water soon. Regards B&J


Below is a spreadsheet of Times over the 7 races, Averages and % Improvement.

Many thanks for James Harrington for compiling this information.